Thursday, September 8, 2011

Senior Film

I will start my senior film updates on this blog until I make a separate one dedicated strictly to the film. It will be a traditionally animated short, hand drawn, and colored and composited in the computer. I am drawing heavily on Disney and other great animation as my inspiration, and hope that this film will showcase my abilities as a character animator.

The film is about a little girl called Dot and her pet flying squirrel Berry, who encounter a fox in the forest where they play which then carries Berry off. Dot will have to save her. I have a solid design for Dot as of now, and am working on the storyboards that I will have to revise over the weekend to make the story flow better.

Berry's design and colors have not been finalized yet. I also have to design the characters of the evil fox, and Dot's grandmother who will feature in the film. The setting is mostly forest and the fox's cave, with a few scenes near Grandmother's cottage. The backgrounds will be painted in Photoshop.

I am looking to animate around two to three minutes of animation and maybe add extra scenes at the end of the year is time allows. I am shooting to have the animation flat colored, and maybe add shadows at the very end again if I have the time.

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  1. Awwww, I so love her ö.ö
    She is damn cute <3
    I can't tell if her colors are okay or not, maybe a little bit contrast would be better?
    Guess you have to see all characters next to each other to decide ;)

    Love her name as will =D